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Current Groups Being Offered

Good Samaritan Counseling Center is currently offering the following group counseling sessions:


Social/Life Skills Group
Joe Gertzen, LPC

Girls & Boys 5-7 y/o – 6-8pm
Respect, trust, bullying, communication, caring, leadership, health/nutrition, motivation, boundaries, fairness, and other fun activities that promote healthy social skills.
A 12-13 week program.



Tuesdays: 6:00 to 7:30
The Continued Success Group
F. Lynn Hicks, Ph.D.

Adolescent Girls who have graduated from Residential Treatment (Ages 13 – 19)
Ongoing process group.  Participants continue to gain support and utilize coping skills they learned in group therapy while in residential treatment.  Group starts December 10, 2013. 

Ginger Girls Group
Jasmine Porter, LPC

7-12 y/o girls – 4-6pm
*Art and Play Therapy  *Create  *Learn  *Skill Building  & *Loads of fun Stuff
Working on *Self-esteem  *Social Skills  *Anger Management Skills  *Coping with Feelings  &  *Communication skills.


Anger Management Group
Joe Gertzen, LPC

Teenagers 13-17 y/o – 4-6pm
Conflict Resolution, anger/stress management, education/process group, bulling, and healthy boundaries.
A 12-13 week program. It is an open ended group to where anyone referred can enter the group at any time.
This is a curriculum researched-based program that includes techniques to reduce anxiety, stress anger while increasing.


Social Skills via Play Therapy Group
Jiri Biciste, LPC

Pre-Teen Boys 8-12 y/o – 6-7:30pm
Play w/ Lincoln logs, play Plax, make-it toys, play-doh, topple, ker-plunk, making pictures/projects while learning mutual respect and tolerance, taking turns, patience, proper boundaries


Anger Management Group
Susan Whitefeather, LPC

Adults (minimum age of 16) – 6-7:30 p.m.
12-week skills based course.  Participants will assess the causes and intensity of their *Anger   *Develop practical strategies and tools to productively monitor  *Communicate  *Control their thoughts, feelings, and actions.



Pre-Teen Social/Life Skills Group
Joe Gertzen, LPC

Teenagers 13-17 y/o – 4-6pm
Adolescents will learn new and healthy ways of thinking and acting when feeling out of control.  Topics include: *Respect  *Trust  *Bullying  *Communication  *Caring  *Leadership  *Health/Nutrition,  *Motivation  *Boundaries  *Fairness.



Play Therapy for Boys and Girls
Jiri Biciste, LPC

4-8 y/o boys and girls – 6-7:30pm
Kids learn social skills including: *Communication  *Sharing  *Respect  *Clear Boundaries  *Peaceful Conflict  *Solution Skills  & How to Interact with Peers. They come play with building blocks, puzzles, topple, ker-plunk, Lincoln logs, making pictures and doing projects

Anger Management Group
Joe Gertzen, LPC

5-7 y/o boys and girls – 6-8pm
This program is a curriculum research-based program.  Techniques used within the program help reduce anxiety, stress and anger while increasing self-esteem.  Children practice through role plays a variety of exercises that promote healthy coping skills.



Next Step Parent Group:
A 5 week group for parents of children and teens who are currently or have recently been admitted to inpatient or residential psychiatric programs. The group is designed to help parents learn the strategies for a successful transition to the home including: community resources, how to make the most of your outpatient counseling experience, parenting during the transition time, and many other topics surrounding this important time in a child or teen's treatment.

The first session of Next Steps Parent Group will start January 11th and will be every Saturday for five weeks from 10am to 12pm.

Please contact Good Samaritan to enroll in the group.



Good Samaritan Counseling Center
Everyone is unique. And when life’s disappointments, difficulties and surprises happen, everyone reacts to these situations differently.

That’s why at Good Samaritan Counseling Center we’re focusing on meeting those needs with a group of providers who offer clients in and around Anchorage a comprehensive, individualized approach to mental health services. No matter whether we’re working with an adult on anger management issues or child through play therapy, we believe each person should experience the world to their full potential.

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